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Perhaps it can be said that your resume is your number one marketing tool in attracting recruiters and getting interviews. This is why it is necessary to craft a resume that stands out from the rest. If you have been seeking for a new job for quite some time now, then today is the best time to review your resume and make the necessary improvements. You might be satisfied with your ordinary resume but it might not be effective in attracting employers. Writing a resume is more than just listing down your work experience, relevant skills, and educational attainment.

Skills For Project Management

Project management is a broad topic since it incorporates the entire project life cycle and its related aspects. The goal of a project leader or manager is to monitor each phase of the project lifecycle. This begins with the inception and approval of a project. The project manager is also in charge of delegating tasks and liaising with different teams and stakeholders. The role of a project manager does not end once the project is over. This is why a project manager should not only be skilled in leading a team and executing projects, but he or she should also have skills in other areas.

Handling Questions About Your Weaknesses

Here is a common scenario. When a candidate is asked “what is your biggest weakness?” he or she tends to answer something like “My biggest weakness is being too much of a perfectionist.” No, this is not the correct approach. Your biggest weakness is not the exaggerated version of your strength. Even though you really are a huge perfectionist, it is not best to make it look like this quality is your biggest weakness. Instead, you should answer this question by talking about what your actual weakness is. You can talk about a neutral weak point.