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Attract More Jobs With Your Resume

Perhaps it can be said that your resume is your number one marketing tool in attracting recruiters and getting interviews. This is why it is necessary to craft a resume that stands out from the rest. If you have been seeking for a new job for quite some time now, then today is the best time to review your resume and make the necessary improvements.

You might be satisfied with your ordinary resume but it might not be effective in attracting employers. Writing a resume is more than just listing down your work experience, relevant skills, and educational attainment. The goal of your resume is to sell you to potential employers. It is also helpful to keep in mind that most recruiters only spend a few seconds to go over your resume. With this information in mind, your aim should be to make your resume brief but packs a lot of impact. If you’re seeking for more information or expert advice on job interviews, then it is best to visit Landing Interviews Guaranteed and learn more about the benefits of this program.

Write a career objective

Your career objective should be a good one. It should be short but effective. Your career objective serves as your attention getter so the last thing you would want to do is to copy a generic template. In writing your career objective, be specific with the number of years of your industry experience. You can also include the number of clients you have worked with or the number of team members that you have managed. Highlight your expertise and special skills that you can contribute to the company. Stick with the relevant details. You might have multiple achievements but if it’s not related to the job, then it is best not to include them in your resume objective.

Include special skills

Does your resume currently have a skills section? If not, then make sure to include one. If you already have a skills section, then try to refine it according to the job description. You have a lot of competencies, but it is not a necessity to write down each and every skill that you have. What you should do is this. Compare your current list of skills to the job description. Identify strong keywords and valuable skills in the job description and see which ones are on your list of skills. You can choose to include only the most relevant skills. In addition to that, don’t forget to mention your special skills. For example, if the job requires CRM knowledge, then list down your specific CRM skills. This can include the particular software, function, or practice that you have knowledge in.

Keep it short but complete

An effective resume does not need to be very long. Like what was mentioned earlier, it is ideal to stick only to the relevant details. Even if you took on a lot of additional projects in your previous job, adding them to your resume will not add value if they’re not related to the job you’re applying for at all. Be sure that the most important elements of your resume can be easily seen once the hiring manager takes a look. You can continue reading here for additional tips about handling questions about your weaknesses.