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The Effects Of Workplace Bullying

Bullying in the workplace is not just a simple clash or personalities. It’s not just disagreements between coworkers. Workplace bullying is a serious issue. It is associated with abusive and aggressive behavior that has long-term effects. In today’s article, we will discuss some of the effects of bullying in the workplace. We will also discuss what you can do to address this problem.

How bullying affects you

It affects your performance

When you experience intimidation on a daily basis, it will be very difficult for you to stay on top of your game. This is especially true when you regularly need to work with the person who is bullying you. It’s hard to go to work each day knowing that you will experience aggression from a coworker.

It affects your growth

If the bully is your manager or if you have a bully manager, then it will affect your growth. Your manager’s negative attitude towards you will prevent you from reaching your full potential. If he never gives you feedback or provides learning opportunities, then he’s basically setting you up for career failure.

It affects your confidence

It will be almost impossible for you to fully focus your energy in doing a great job if there’s always someone criticizing you or spreading false stories about you. It’s just inevitable. Your confidence will suffer.

It affects your well-being

A toxic work environment can affect your health. Even if you try to combat it with positive thinking, negativity can eventually manifest in your physical and mental well-being. Many people who always find themselves dealing with workplace bullies get sick more often. Obviously, frequent sickness will get in the way of career progression. Even if you love your work, you won’t be able to excel in it if you are not in good health.

It affects your employer

Workplace bullying affects your employer too. If you are unable to stay on top of your game, then your value to your employer decreases. This means that they are no longer maximizing their resources. If your performance declines and your productivity slows down, then it can also affect the business in general.

What can be done

Whatever your job function or level is, here is one effective way to deal with workplace bullies. You see, bringing up your complaint to the company’s HR department rarely works. So you’re gonna have to explore other options. Here’s what you can do. Build more connections in the office. Interact more with other managers, supervisors, and leaders. Hang out with them socially. It’s even better if you can collaborate with them on projects. Why is this effective? How can this help you? You see, having access to these influential people can change things for you. It doesn’t mean that you have to ask them for favors. When the bully sees that you are connected to these people, then there is a good chance that they will back off. See if this approach would work for you.